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Hiii steemians...
Happy Holidays.. it's been an amazing week celebrating the holidays with family; a needed break from the work rigours of the last couple months in the year. The year has been a tough one,I mean two Covid variants, economic crisis in some part of Europe..but we're happy our heads survived it all.

I have an amazing art to show y'all today, it's one of my earliest works as a budding surrealist and an undergraduate Artist in college, it's titled The Seeress.
_The SEERESS_ is a traditional oil on canvas painting of 90X98cm which I did a couple years ago when I just start exploring random allegories as an artist trying to make his surreal manifesto known. I was trying to create a link on the interconnectivity of man and the cosmos. I once had the dream of writing an article directed at exploring the link between man,the zodiacs and the universe as a whole,not to see what part we play as higher animals on Earth,but to explore the unique connection we share with other living thing within and outside our sphere of existence.


Therefore,this painting makes a creative attempt to visually represent the interconnectivity of lifeforms,higher or lower; as a way of sending a message about how humans have so disconnected from conduit of existence.
I've always had this notion that there was more to existence than just living in the world and dying off,that existence is like a large Chess game,where all the piece move together to create momentum. If man would seek to find his place within the balance of life,then the purpose of power would be revealed; cos power has to have a source and a conduit for it to flow through,just as a simple electrical circuit works and once any if these components are disconnected or disoriented about the purpose of the circuitry,then the power flow is clogged or cut short....
I'll leave with this wise words from Plato, " know thyself..."
Happy holidays everyone ❣️❣️

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