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Hi steemians...
Another great week gone and I have a piece I worked on this week to share with this amazing space of talented folks...
Today's painting is titled "The Dutch Nun"...
A post-humous portrait of a charity home Nun who sacrificed her lifetime to see kids abandoned on the streets raised to have full lives....


She is one of the few people who inspired me to think of charity as an investment in humanity...not for that profit making but for the purpose of being the reason a child got to live a full life or a person has a success story because of your sacrifice...

Happy viewing!!!


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Thanks for the continuous support...I'm hnoured

 6 months ago 

I liked your previous drawing very much, so I looked at this post with excitement. Again, you did a great job. The pattern of the scarf on the woman's head, the facial features of the woman are very realistic. By the way, you shared the steps of your previous drawing step by step, which adds extra excitement. The story you're talking about is really impressive. Adding beauty to a child's life is very valuable :)

Thank you @serap..... it's always a pleasure connecting with people like you here

 6 months ago 

You are welcome, the same with me :)

 7 months ago 


 7 months ago 

Beautiful portrait. I love how you painted the fabric!

Thank you @nausinesaa for those kind words....I'm honoured

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