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Forbidden Dreams.jpeg

Hi guys, it's been quite the time I made a post here....I've been busy with work and all.....

Today,I have an interesting piece,I titled it Profane Dreams; it is the second of the Fade to Grey series I talked about in my last post.
The painting is a 105cmX90cm dry brush painting from a while back which I did as part of my dissertation that centred around accessing the subconscious and harnessing creative flow ( although the painting is entirely personal and in a private collection) .
This surreal vent for me was an attempt to capture in visual representation, the concept of curiosity in man. The title Profane Dreams was given after I hit a post-hypothetical conclusion that the drive of man has always been curiosity and the thirst to chart the unknown (terra incognita).
But man's dreams to familiarise with the unknown hasn't been just limited to the physical; emotional too,man has been know to pursue the vain and even the profane.
In the painting, the figure is trapped in some ecstatic premonition,a dark cloud of impure thoughts circle her mystic mind; something that tickles her erotic desires. She's slowly getting pulled into the unholy union as her hands begin to dance around her sensitive body parts; she's in her mind's paradise,but it is dark and impure and sooner or later she has to give it up and awaken from this profanity and dark desires of lust.

Happy Viewing!!!



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start success go! go! go!

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Your post has been nominated by @artographer

Congratulations @elishanyong your post will receive
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Hello Friend @elishanyong
Glad to see you as a member of COMMUNITY WORLD OF XPILAR.
If you are ready to be an active member of the community, then I can help you at the start.
There is a Newcomers support program. It's called "14 days diving". All that is required of you is to post your posts in the WORLD OF XPILAR community, actively communicate with community members, comment, vote, and more.

If you are ready to be active here, you will be delegated 50SP for 14 days and given support in your posts.
I am waiting for your decision here

First, thank [email protected] for recognising my little efforts here,despite my being a newbie ....
It'll be an honour to do as I'm asked as long as it is for the growth of the @worldofxpilar community and ultimately,Steemit as a whole....
Once again,I'm elated....cheers!!

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Hi @elishanyong
From today you are included in the community support program and you have been delegated 50SP. Check your wallet.
Check again my post with conditions, rules and recommendations

All you have to do is be active in the WORLD OF XPILAR community and on the Stimit platform :)
It is for this opportunity that SP is delegated to you.

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I included you in the support program to give you the opportunity to be more active. But I don't see any posts or comments. Are you all right ?

Hello @bambuka...I'm doing well...
I did however have some issues with my mobile device, it's why I've not been active the past days and I couldn't fix it cos it was weekend...
But from today,I'll be active and do as the terms of the delegation instructed...
I am well and hope you're too..cheers!!

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