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Hi steemians,
Another beautiful week here and happy holidays from Africa....
Despite my tight schedules and all, it's always a good time to share with the steemit community -y'all... who've become a part of something close to a family...
I did promise @serap that I'll do my best to share my art more often,a promise I made to @bambuka but I couldn't keep to cos I was going through terrible crises that period... and today I have another beautiful piece titled: NEGRO-LISA


This piece preaches the beauty in "Being" as the only thing that's objective. As a philosophy and art History major, I've learnt from the ilk of Marcus Aurelius,Karl Marx, Plato, Socrates; that the only thing of real objectivity is the state of Being which can never be altered by perspective. The concept of Truth,lie,good or evil are all subjective and subject to perspective; afterall,what is good for the goose may not be best for the gander.
So today I come with this piece to remind people of the beauty of accepting your body,as your place of truth,a truth that is beautiful and acceptable if you first learn to believe in it. I'm also here to preach the message of the strength in women, (who are my primary role models,thanks a strong woman I have as a mother)black,white,Latino, Hispanic. The woman is the strongest conduit connected to divinity,as such she can be the carrier of the life force in humans.

The greatest enemy of perfection will always be self-doubt,that psychological discombobulation spread through your being like a cancer and oozes that aura to people and soon the phrase of "..they don't have a likeable persona.." is birthed....
Friends,I urge you to stand on the belief that the universe created perfection in you,and that you can be strong and attain apotheosis if you first believe in your state of being....
And I'll leave you with this phrase:"..where there is a will,there is a way..". Apotheosis is divine,and you too can be divine....

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First of all, it is very valuable that you care about my words and it made me super happy 😍 It's nice to see a great painting of you soon. Your paintings of women always have souls. In this painting, you make us feel the experience, wisdom, motherhood, and attractiveness of Lisa 🌸 The deep meaning in her eyes made me think.

Your drawing and technique are already very successful, and I love the color transitions. I think the elegance of naturalness is always a very powerful effect 💪 I can see this situation in this painting. I have the same necklace of Lisa. I've been wearing it for years and this is why this bead is meaningful to me 😊
I think women are givers, reproducers, nurturers, just like nature!
Greetings to your strong mother who inspires you 🌹

 5 months ago 


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Thank you @art-venture for the nomination....
Feels good to be appreciated...
I'm honoured..cheers❣️🙏

Hermoso dibujo hermosas palabras fue todo un gusto poder leerlas, gracias, gracias, gracias por compartirlas.

Saludos y bendiciones.

Gracias por esas amables palabras....
Estoy realmente honrado

P.S: mi español no es muy bueno🙏🙏

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Thank you @art-venture...
Your appreciation of talent and creatives in the Xpilar community is indeed humbling....
I'm honoured for another chance for an upvote...

Wow! Your painting is captivating

Thank you mate

Verry beutyful and graceful "Mona-Liasaesque" woman, i specially notice that or well what i thin you do, is manage to draw out that linger in the mouth area, wheater it be a smile or not. That so mystify´s Mona Lisa in many´s opinion!

Thank you

And have a wonderful weekend!


Thanks Eythor...
It's a rare pleasure that you've taken the time to study the work that well to draw criticism on it....
I very much appreciate...
And yeah...have a wonderful weekend...

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