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Hi steemians....
Happy new month to ev'ryone...welcome to September💛💛

Today I come with a really passionate art piece I did a while ago which is titled "Music meets Art"...
It is one of saturated pastel painting that was done for an art exhibition held in Lagos,Nigeria in 2018. The work is a 28"X34" pastel painting on acid free paper which depicts a popular south African female musician who graced the exhibition.




To achieve this painting,I got an acid free paper which is basically the best kind of paper for all chalk media in art. I soaked the paper in water and stretched in on a drawing board(the soaking helps thicken the paper and texturize the surface area better to interact with the chalk medium better).

I then proceeded to make my grid sketch using the Rule of Thirds and then I started blocking in my pastel chalk. I first blocked out my dark areas and then proceeded to fixing my midtones. I gently brushed the dark colours over the light ones to achieve this and for areas that required intricate details,I fixed the painting with a thin coat of varnish spray and waited for it to dry out. I went ahead to fuse in whatever details I was supposed to with pastel pencils.
The work was sold at the exhibition...


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