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Hi steemians,
It's been about 4days since I returned from my creative reawakening trip and it's been inspiration after inspiration.
Sometime ago,I read a book on how I could jumpstart creative electricity to enhance and unclog the conduit through which creativity flows. And right now,every single exercise I practised on my solitary period has immensely restored my creative abilities by over 500%. The artist's date,the morning pages,the meditations; they all worked to revamp my spirit...and today,I come to share with y'all another piece I did towards the last days of the exercise.


The painting above is titled "Magicae Nigrae (black magick)".
It's a 100 X 100cm painting of a movie character "Tia Dalma" from Pirates of the Caribbean portrayed by the very gifted Naomi Harris...
I however,did some adjustments to whatever references I got of her photo in my own painting; one of which is the Aztec circle about her with the sigils.
This painting was a creative vent for my surral character and I'm glad it came out very well....








Wow, is this oil painting? How do you blend so smoothly?

Thank you @oceansoul13.....
I make use of filbert brushed for blending....
The tapered edges make the smoothing process easy and soft....
Also very efficient for sfumato technique

Wow, well done!

Thank you 😊

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Thank [email protected] and @stef1....
It's always an honour

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