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Hi y'all doing well....

Today,I've got one of surreal/mythic painting. I titled this one Lux Ragna Tenebris... It is a 105X90cm oil on canvas painting from a couple years back.
Studying in college about Renaissance art,I admired certain traits of the art era and having developed a flair and finesse for surrealism in visual art,I admired most of the Renaissance maestros; but one of them seem to be very unique and I developed even a more adept liking for his metaphors -Alessandro Botticelli, popularly known as Sandro Botticelli.
Botticelli is revered as one of the greatest myth painters of the revolutionary era of Renaissance art. His expressions are very surreal as his ambience spells fantasy. I had very little wonder when I eventually aspired to be a remake of Botticelli.

Lux Ragna Tenebris is my artistic impression of the classic mythological creature -Medusa,the Gorgon.
I've always deemed it unjust to her being raped in the groove of a goddess by a god and being cursed by the said goddess.
Her fate wasn't her choosing and she deserved better.
So I made the painting as a reverse of the case; what if Medusa was the ultimate judge of existence and character and will?!
Would she show the world the mercy they denied her or be better??

Happy Viewing!!!

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