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Hi steemians,
It's been an awful long time since I made a post here...

I was on a creative meditative empowerment trip. This led to literally taking a trip to a rural village where I was cut off from cell network and social media....
The week @bambuka had me making posts and resteems; courtesy of the delegated steem powerups I received,I had a terrible creative block. My energy channel seemed clogged; I was totally disconnected from my artistic personae. Consequently,I messed up a few paintings I had to work on that period...
But these few weeks of revitalising in solitude has been so enlightening...
I now feel my creative conduit to the universe intensely flowing with pure creative energy and it has been so satisfying....

IL GORRIÓN is the first of the works I did in my time of creative "sobriety"...I could feel my arms understand what my mind's eye was receiving from the universe...I'm so happy and it has been an enlightening experience which I hope to share more about consequently.... It feels good to hop back here where creativity is valued...
I've missed the steem family!!!




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Thank you @art-venture....
It's so refreshing feeling the rush of the support system on the community once again...

Absolutely awesome, love this painting :

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Thank you @art-venture...
It's so amazing how you singlehandedly spearhead the support of creatives in this community....
You're amazing...thank you once again!!!

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Thank you very much @worldofxpilar curation trail...
I'm very much honoured....
Thank you so much

Wow, this is magnificent artwork 😍

Thank you very much...I'm glad you like it

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