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Fade To Grey.jpeg

Fade to Grey is a 90cm X 105cm oil on canvas painting using dry brush technique I did a few years back. It was one and actually the first of a series I started(though I'm yet to fully find closure on the series). It was another surrealist vent for me to indulge my subconscious adeptly.
The work is a creative endeavour to capture without physical evidence,the Scape of the human mind. The title was inspired from the Gregorian cover "Fade to Grey". Grey in this sense represents the nothingness that lingers in the void between good and evil,between life and death; the void where you are on neither sides. The figure is trapped in some kind of premonition or trance where she seductively clings to the visons she is having; a romantic attraction between the real and unreal. She is slowly fading away into the nothingness that awaits on the other side - a dark paradise of thorned roses!!!



As an artist, one of my greatest phobia had been being regular,without a difference; just another guy who'd survive on commissions till he decides he's not going to paint no more.
That drive fed my visions and dream and that eventually drove me into surrealism in visual art. It was the only kind of art that made a difference to me and it felt like a creative vent for my "freak" mind. I worked tirelessly from composing literal existing elements and quantities together until I fed my creative abilities enough with a wide Scape of psychic landscape to create unreal subjects and ideas.
I eventually evolved to a point I wrote an academic article in my faculty on how to awaken the creative-self as an artist.
I hope to share here someday....cheers!!!




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start success go! go! go!

This is one of your paintings I like best. The way you paid attention to details is really s thing. This piece blew my mind and is still blowing my mind. Thanks for sharing

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