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Hi steemians...
It's been too long and I missed y'all....
Gosh..it feels good to be back though I feel like a stranger 😅😅
That's cos I've been working on a project currently which will help me take my art into a new phase where it will bloom and attract much more anticipated audience and patronage...
Today,I'm gonna share a beautiful piece I've been working on called Eastern Exposure....


It's a dry-brush technique painting which I've been perfecting the style for quite sometime now and this is my third piece in the series I'm currently working on...
The piece is about awakening.. transcendence...
I am very excited about this work cos it reminds of the time when my mind's eye was open to my creative abilities through self-identification...




I hope you enjoy what you're seeing...
Cheers and happy viewing!!!

 7 months ago 

Wow, I thought your drawing was a photo. Fascinating work! I loved your idea of the series and you were able to make me feel this idea very well in your painting. Metal jewelry looks almost like real metal. Very striking in the balance of light and shade. I'll follow your drawings with pleasure :)

Thank you very much...I'm really honoured by those kind words....

excellent work I would like to know what blending technique you use for the skin, do you do it with brush strokes? Greetings and success

Thank you very much...
Yeah...the technique is called dry-brush technique,do basically all the work is done with loosed paint brushing...

That's amazing work! :)

Thank you for those kind words @daverobe...I'm honoured

 7 months ago 


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I'm honoured...thank you @art-venture curation trail...

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That is absolutely incredible work, can't imagine how it is possible to create such realistic effect :)

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Thank you Art-venture....I'm honoured

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