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Hi steemians,
I hope y'all are doing well.... I'm still feeling the vestiges of my creative reawakening trip I took some weeks ago.
Ever since I returned from a few weeks of disentangling from social media and even cell network reception,I've had the most incredible and most intriguing creative flow I've ever experienced as an artist.

About two posts ago,I explained the circumstances that warranted the need for me to make the artistic recess journey I took and right now,my morning pages,my artist's date and creative pool are stashed with so much creativity...

Today I bring you an incredible oil on canvas portrait I did in the least time possible...this is by far my best and most realistic portrait painting. The patience and endurance I experienced while working on this piece has shown me that my abilities have just been augmented and amplified. My body and mind were in such sync that it felt supernatural and I pray to continue in this progress and even better...





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 9 months ago 

Very realistic.
Did you use the photo for your painting?

Thank you @bambuka.....
It's the painting I've posted here...I could send you the photo reference if you'd like

 9 months ago 

I just asked about the drawing method and the source of inspiration. I understand and see that this is a picture :)

Wow, that is very realistic painting, you have such skills!

Dear @steemcurator01, just if you are looking for some amazing posts, here is one for consideration, very talented Artist from WOX community

Thanks in advance,

Thank you @art-venture for the unconditional support through my stay on WOX; thanks for the faith in believing I can represent the community...

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