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Boulevard of Broken Dreams is a surreal oil on canvas painting of 120cmX150cm. It is a creative attempt to give an adept,. visually represented knowledge of the myriads of emotions and thoughts that race the length and breadth of the human mind,through surreal representation of unrelated ideas and images. Every single element in this creative composition speaks a language that all converge to nod to the general message and idea of the painting as a whole.

The work harnesses the beauty of paradox to express the message behind the painting.
Life as a whole is paradoxical: from how day evolves to night,good coexisting with evil,black existing along side white, life existing along death, dreams existing along side shatterred expectations. All these nod to the general idea that the Universe, Providence has created a system of balance,where each of these variables take out themselves periodically so as to maintain equilibria.


The painting, Boulevard of Broken Dreams tried to unify these paradoxes to express the insatiable appetite of man to quench the thirst to be satisfied. The main figure in the painting is a female in her prime; her anatomy is impeccable without hubris; her silken drape,her bra of gold, shimmering as she dances in wistful anticipation,her waist adornments, jiggling to the tickles of her slender thin waist as her black skin mirrors the golden lights that peak from outside the view space.
The racing horses are a personified representation of her thoughts,as they race through the tracks of her mind,just as the colours complement each other(yellow complementary to purple,green complementary to magenta,etc); so too is her mind a reverse of her physical appearance and physique -weary and spread thin,like butter over too much bread.


This very "surrealistic manifesto" is one of the few works I take personal delight in,as it reminds me of the beauty of channeling the subconscious into higher functioning; it's also delightful,as it is a vent for me to represent how I see people on the streets to my daily routine, beautiful and reserved but choked with the cords of their own thoughts and dreams...broken dreams stashed on a "beautiful boulevard".


This is just mind blowing. The fact that you explains the art effortlessly is mind blowing too.

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