Steemit Engagement Challenge WOX, S10W1: Creative Collage: World of Kids

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Hi all! My participation in Steemit Engagement Challenge WOX, S10W1: Creative Collage: World of Kids.
I decided to make my own collage on the theme of fashionable girls! This topic seemed more interesting to me.This is my first collage work, I have never made them before. And here's what I got:


I found several magazines and prepared suitable drawings. This took about an hour.


Then the most pleasant, the arrangement of pictures on a white sheet of paper.


My list was filling up more and more...


Finally, I posted all the pictures!


I liked the process of creating a collage. It's very funny, especially since my daughter joined me. She liked what I was doing and she decided to help. I had a desire to make a more interesting collage, but unfortunately I don't have time. But later I will definitely make a new collage!!! Good luck to everyone and all the best!


Hello @ekatirina

Thank you for your participation.

If you want to learn something about how to make a collage, I suggest you read the tutorials and the reviews of other participants.

Unbenannt-1_3a Kopie.jpeg

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Hola amiga Espero que estés muy bien has utilizado muchas figuras que se acercan o se asemejan a niños. Los niños son personas inocentes y nos podemos ver a través de ellos porque también fuimos niños.

Está muy divertida tu creación espero que todos sigamos mejorando y aprendiendo a Cómo realizar las cosas que aún no sabemos Por qué siempre es bueno mantenernos en constante aprendizaje.

Saludos éxitos y bendiciones

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