A strange flower

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Can any of you tell me what the flower is?


It comes from a fat piaata, full of thorns, with particularly resistant leaves.


The flower it creates is huge, very branched. It stays in bloom for a long time, until it sheds some kind of seeds.


The flower looks very delicate. I've never seen anything like it, but I can't find which plant is on the internet.


Shot with Nikon D3400

Flower power

Image of my property. If you find this post interesting, follow me :) Thank you very much for your attention from @dudithedoctor

 last year 

Who knows what is it but thank so many little flowers it might attract bees. I like cactus plants :)

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Thanks 😊

 last year (edited)

Aloe variegata L.

The last country house I lived in was surrounded by them.


Hola amigo @dudithedoctor.

Si que es una extraña flor pero muy hermosa, gracias por compartirla con todos.

Saludos y bendiciones.


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