How Our Community Harvests the Paddies Field in Traditional Ways.

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Even though the times was in new era, everything that done by humans has been able to be completed with machines, even so changed in our village, but still be found farmers who harvest with traditional equipment.

Arit (Celurit) is a traditional rice cutting tool, farmers who are generally women become wage-cut laborers when the harvest season arrives.

They are usually imported from various surrounding villages in large numbers. The salary to them are not too much, there are varying IDR 60,000 there are also IDR. 70,000 depending on the paddies field that they plunge to carry out paddiest harvesting activities.

Since the Corona Virus entered Indonesia, especially in the province of Aceh, those women who served as wage laborers were rather happy. This time the modern rice cutter car was reluctant to travel outside the area, it became an opportunity for a number of workers who served as rice cutters.

Corona virus brings blessings to them. This time there are no modern rice-cutting cars that displace their work. So far, many of them are unemployed, since the rice cutter in modern machine entered Aceh at 2015, the dominant women working as wage laborers for rice cutters did not get a job. Modern machines from abroad replaced their duties, eroding the economies of small communities like themselves.

This time I will present the photography of farm laborers [traditional rice cutters], which are rarely found in my area, I hope you all like it.








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