The world inventions. The history and the case of marzipan!

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You know, there are many products to be happy about in the reality, and some are really bad for us, and we are in the life to do all kinds of buying behavior that are possible on the blue planet to any times anywhere where we are present, and we should use our compentce, and ignore people being silly with us, and today there are much philosophy and complex behavior in the world, and the most intelligent guys are doing the study programs, and also making all new kinds of study programs that can be understood on the earth, and we are in the organizations just with individual and social affairs, and that is the same through the whole earth and in all its history, and messages and written documents and articles, are just to make and to take some variants of what we can perceive on the planet.

Today, we are sure and unsure about all kinds of origins that we are seeing and experiencing in any places to any times where we are as humans, and all humans should have their places, and their respect and admiration for what they are and not are, and the life we are managing ourselves, and the people not understanding us do not have the competence as we have, and they are not doing the same actions as we are, and maybe there is low competence and understanding on this work, and we can work with the tasks that are related to our competence, expertise and experiences.

So, when thinking about the origin about the marzipan, and where the reality is coming from, there is some dispute between Hungary and Italy over its origin. But we know nowadays, that marzipan has become a specialty of the Baltic Sea region of Germany, and today we should think and feel, and we should be engaged with what is happening, and we should try to find the causes and the motives of different kinds of behavior, and why things are as they are, and we are just the humans as we are, with our own things, and with doing the working tasks alone and in cooperation with the other humans, and friendship is a good thing at the working places, and they are doing the ties between the indviduals even better and stronger.

So, we are loving people loving us, and we should make traces in the life just as we are having it, and people are invisible and/or visible in the life, and sometimes we are finding meaning in the life, and sometimes we are asking ourselves about what, why and how, and sometimes we are not sure whether any cognition and emotion is giving us any better answers to the human nature, and to the nature being out there to be perceived or left from the humans, but the animals, the forests and all kinds of plants and flowers and whatever, they are operating in the nature just as the nature has ever and forever been and functioned while we are here.

So, we are knowing that the life is about different statements of saying and/or writing different messages, and that the competence and what we are doing and not doing are related to what we know, and we should love the employer, the employees and the markets, if this is sensible and if there are good reactions on what we are as a human when being constructive and open and positive for many tasks that can be done on the planet, and we know there are many things in the life, and hence people are both confused and clear, and some have problems, and some have none problems, and therefore the perception of the life, is of endless ways of doing things and not doing things while and when we are here, and hence many people, also professional actors are not sure about many things, when coming to their deeper thoughts about all things that can be thought about and felt about in the reality.

So, we are not guilty for anything, and we should feel safe about the life, and we are just operating alone and in cooperation, and we should ignore stupid thoughts, and we should be the best and most updated kind of humans, and we are in the life to enjoy and to appreciate many of the products and details that we are facing, and many find the meaning and the philosophy of the life in the small and in the big things of everything that is conceivable. And he invention of marzipan is usually attributed to Lübeck in Germany, and there has been a history there for marzipan for a long time, and we are just what we are due to what we are doing and not doing, and due to what we seem to understand of all history and stories, and all conditions that we are framed with to any times, and this is also about the present and the future!

Marzipan is used in different countries today, and new product development is still there to any times anywhere, also with this kind of product. And marzipan is used in weddings, religious feasts and for traditions and parties, and sometimes people are eating this things on their own, or in relation to any social connection. And therefore we are humans just as we are, when we are being here on the blue planet also called for the earth.

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