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RE: Weekly challenge on Steem!!! Food photo / Week #45

in WORLD OF XPILAR9 months ago (edited)

Thanks @mister-omortson for Bronze prize selection. So appreciate!
Congratulations to the winning entries. Wonderful photos :)

My latest entry for contest-

My own Lemon Meringue Pie - collage

 9 months ago 

Not at all ;-)

Thanks for the 2 steem prize as well :)

Deliciosos y hermosos postres con limón amiga @dianadee.

Thanks so much @javima for your positive comment:)

De nada amiga,siempre nos sorprendes con hermosas propuestas.Un abrazo.

Hola amiga what a delicious dessert with lemon.

Appreciate your kind comment @quiaratiby

Se me hace agua la boca!!!!

Glad you find my pie delicious looking @lunasilver

Me encanta el pie de limon amiga..que ricura

Yes this dessert is really delicious. Thanks for your feedback @matenaza2110

Que rico se ve y excelente presentación!!!

Suete con tu entrada. #affable

Thanks so much @endemikas for your positive comment:)

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