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Macrophotography contest in the community
world of xpilar on Week XIV.

This contest was held by @sultan-aceh as a Moderator and supported by @xpilar as a community leader.

wasp life in aceh forest

today I will show you again, the types of insects that I found in my photo grafer trip, today I will show or introduce one type of wasp that lives in the forests of Aceh-Indonesia.

I found this wasp while heading for the forest in the village area where I live,
I saw this wasp on the metal of a building, as seen in the picture above.

This wasp pair has a very beautiful appearance when seen, because this wasp has a black color with several yellow hues on the wasp's body.

This wasp has a habit of doing activities during the day looking for food, so if you want to see this wasp I recommend it during the day, because it is easier to find it in parks and forests.

After I read several articles about wasps, it turned out that only female wasps could sting, in contrast to male wasps that could not sting.

I have prepared several pictures about this wasp, let's see together what wasp I mean.
Let's see.























greetings from my designer-teem.

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