Small Contributions May SEEM Insignificant, but They Gradually Add Up!

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To make a broad and sweeping statement, a LOT of people choose to not participate in a LOT of activities on the grounds that their contributions/rewards/efforts or whatever just seem "too insignificant" for them to bother.


I suppose it's just a fundamental part of human nature that we want to feel like whatever it is we've chosen to be part of is "worth it."

And I can certainly appreciate the roots of such a belief... having worked in jobs where it felt like we would spend day after day, month after month, grinding away at something without ever feeling like anything at all was achieved.

We can apply the "worth it" metric to most things in life... whether it's training for a marathon, a job, a project... even blogging here on Steemit.


One of the things that often skews our perception is the simple fact that we humans — as a species — tend to be a pretty impatient lot.

We want results, and we want them now!

Just consider the world of cryptocurrency, itself. There's typically far more focus on "When Moon?" than on gradually putting in time and effort in order to derive a long term benefit, of some sort.

Much of the time, "investing" in cryptos take on more of the flavor of "playing roulette" than it does actual investing!


When I joined Steemit in January 2017, I did spend some time "poking around" to get a fundamental feel for the community and the overall project. But one I had done that, my thoughts were that I "would give it five years."

That is, I would give my efforts five years... and then evaluate whether or not it was something I wanted to continue forward with.

Let it be known that there was a time when I had plenty of posts that earned less than $1.00... many earned just a few cents.

But my point here is that all those little bits added up, over time!


And so it is with many things in life that might seem insignificant at first glance. A bit like tossing a few cents of pocket change in a jar on your dresser... after a couple of years it will have become something!

I write these words also to encourage newcomers to this community to stay patient... it may not seem like much is happening now, but in time it will all gradually add up!

Thanks for reading, and have a great remainder of your week!

How about YOU? Are you inclined to disregard "small contributions" because they don't feel worthwhile? Or do you think everything is significant? Do leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!

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