Ran Out of Day, But There's Still More Stuff to be Done!

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I'm sure you've had the experience of arriving at that moment where you realize you were quickly running out of day but there's still a lot more stuff that needs to be done.


Feels like I've had a few of those days in a row now, as a result which it feels like it is just gets later and later in the day by the time I have a moment to sit down and create a blog post!

Today has been no different, it's almost 11:00 o'clock at night as I sit down and try to gather my thoughts.

Now, for some people that may not seem like a very big deal… but I'm really far more of a morning person than a night person, so my creative flow is not at its best at this time of the day.


Blogging Ebbs and Flows

Then again, every now and then I do go through these phases where I find myself wondering whether I'm just growing tired of blogging. It has happened before. And when that does happen I tend to take breaks at last anywhere from a few weeks to several years.

I don't really think that's about to happen... but you never know.

In general, it's not a question of running out of things to say, so much as the question of not feeling inspired.


Back in an earlier life many many years ago one of the things I learned about myself during my years as a technical writer was the fact that I'm not very good at doing and completing tasks that I don't feel inspired by.

I admire those sincerely who are able to shove all that aside and just knuckle down and do their work. Alas, I have never been one of them.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

How about YOU? Do you ever just "get tired" of what you're doing? Do you move on, regardless? Or do you need to feel inspired, in order to make progress? Do leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!

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I don't think these phases are wrong at all: I had a lot of time for blogging and reading as long as the corona restrictions prevented me from working and made normal everyday life impossible. Now this is largely back and I have correspondingly less time - but I can enjoy it...

Ich finde ja diese Phasen gar nicht verkehrt: ich hatte viel Zeit zum Bloggen und Lesen, solange die Coronabeschränkungen mich an der Arbeit gehindert haben und auch sonst viel normalen Alltag unmöglich machten. Jetzt ist dieser weitgehend zurück und mir bleibt entsprechend weniger Zeit - die ich aber gut genießen kann...

 2 years ago 

I get burned out all the time---but what caught my eye about this point is how you run out of day before you get your tasks done. I feel grateful that I live far enough north that it remains light to about 11pm--in the summer. The Winter days are very short.

Greetings. Beautiful photos that accompany this thoughtful post. Many times the routine can tire us, but I always try to think about the reason why I do it. For example, I work as an art teacher because I love drawing and teaching. On a daily basis, taking care of the children, doing commissions, and at the same time studying, can be exhausting for me. But the fact that my work helps many people, including me, makes me feel grateful. Greetings from Venezuela.

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