WOX: Who are we and why you chose this community? By Davidad

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Dear Steemians,

Majority of us might be wondering where is this fellow hailed from? I got answered to your long time questions; when you read on my profile it didn't specifically tells where I am From! But I must tell you tonight that @davidad is a Nigerians, a native of Yourba Land in Western Nigeria! Where you hailed from doesn't defined the success to which you can earn or respect to earn for yourself, you worked hard to earn respect.

My Journey So Far Vs World Of Xpilar

When I joined back then, STEEMIT was in accord and the goals and objectives was the same! But, recent after the fork between Steem and Hive many things has been happening! Many development I mean, no one is enemy; I want to believe we all have diverse opinions and the ways we think. I might support something and others might opposed, that doesn't mean I am evil or an enemy of progress! It's called choices of life.

It was never a sad moment for me because I started with Snr @xpilar from onset; when I first got here on Steemit, it was Snr @xpilar I met being a whale but he never too busy to tutor me and guidance me through! In this life, weather will like it or not someone will be your senior or guidance in life, none was born knowing it all. I had many guidance's in this contemporary world, but as a matter of fact steemit has been another big family for me; @xpilar was always been there for his friends! @sultan-aceh, myself and et al has been enjoyed friendship with him!

Competition Initiated by Snr @xpilar to support Steemians

others competition logo.png

Majority of people here on Steemit might forget this competition or might not know about this CONTEST When we started then, it was really fun and I could vividy remembered a lot people's (Steemians) were benefactors of this contest! It a contest that supports Steemians inspective of reputation as long as it is original work, countless of people do laughed and we're happy through this contest; I must tell you this contest is not dead but it's comes in another ways through a programs " Your Imagination/Thought about my digital art Photography by @xpilar

World of xpilar community a source of encouragement:

Steemit no discourgement.png

Never be discouraged in life, when a life call it a raw with you, where do you run to or which shoulder do you crying on? Every human were gifted with talent, wisdom and endowed with some virtue's! But the the challenges of life call it raw with you, in most cases we always forget where we are or who we are! But when you have shoulder to lien on, you keep your hope alive and believe joy cometh in the morning. Sometimes ago when things far apart, it was a very tough time for me, I barely could think straight all I was looking for is solution; sometime when you are searching for specific answer not knowing you have it right closer to you, @xpilar served as a source of my motivator for me and many here as well.

Originality Vs Copycats

This is the best area I could bodly said @xpilar really help me alot; I came here with no or little about steemit! I want to believe we all heard different things about Steemit before you joined? I never knew this could ever be real when I joined back then in July, 2017. The person that invited or tell me about steemit was from another country entirely but communication connected me and him for decades a year through a sports fans page. I meant to say @pivi is the first person that ever told me about steemit!

On getting here, when I see others beautiful work It always amazed, but I do asked myself, could this all be true or are they using some technique to capture their photography! That lead me to surfing internet and started looking for beauty places here in my country; my thoughts was that I was doing the right or correct things! But, on meeting with @xpilar he made me realized how the system works! He gave me support but condemned the act of copypasta from internet! We had a several chat each night for me to learn alot, he advices me what to do and introduce me to some guys here who always posted about nature so I could learn one or things! Is like he started building my capacity on how to capture beautiful nature! That was how things change and I started exploring the forest in looking for both animals and plants to capture so I could bring their unnoticed beauty to the world at large. Copycat is not supported by the world of xpilar community, I must said this really help me a lot to produce/post original and beautiful self made Photography.


My Original and Self Made Photography captured with Digital Camera in the forest of Aye.


My Original and Self Made Photography captured with smartphone in the forest of Aye.


My Original and Self Made Photography captured with Digital Camera in the forest of Aye.

This originality support programme by community world of @xpilar really help me to be independent good nature photographer! had it been they " world of xpilar community" welcomed such behavior in the community, this Community might have been collapsed, which is why you see some great Steemians like @stef1 and others fishing out those people's who they suspected to be doing unrigful activities in the community, multiple accounts fakery were also fishout in the community and exposes to the entire community, the purpose is to inform other Steemians on the world of xpilar to decist from such attitude.

Give back to Community to spread good news about Steemit


A proverbs says in my language " Eni bini la jo! Or Ore jo ore nije iwa jo iwa" meaning that; you must live according to the legacy laid down for you! It will be a bad things I failed or stop spreading good news about Steemit! As learnt by @xpilar to support and encouragement others about usage of Steemit and put smiles on others faces; I continue building on foundation laid by Snr @xpilar I thought of continue building on that foundation by make others laughing and encourage them to continue telling other's about this great Platform called STEEMIT

In nutshell; I will recommend Community of World of Xpilar for the best Community of the Month for this reason:

I joined the world of xpilar community because it help me realized my potential and ofcourse, it help me to become the person I am today, a real contents producers, an author, nature photographer, an advisor, a communicator, and finally a real @davidad not internet copypasta


When confidence dwell in inside of you , you do love to try everything, art demonstration of our Africa pride by @davidad

PSX_20170905_123304 (1).jpg

When confidence dwell in inside of you , you do love to try everything, art demonstration of A great wall of china drew by @davidad

Additional Reason: WOX started a powerup Program called "Became a dolphin Club!" where he encourage more power up to build its members in becoming dolphin.


For supporting, promoting and encouragement good contents on Steemit, For this reason, world of xpilar community deserve the best award for Community in the month of August.

Thanks for stopping by on my blog.



When a person is doing good job, such individual deserve to be appreciated; @xpilar represent your interest and his doing a good job so far; can you support him by voting him up on witness vote?

You can vote him here..Click to vote xpilar.witnesse



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i just read it with tears in my eyes, you made it my friend! i am so proud of you, you cannot imagine... :)

And i am really happy to know you as a person @davidad you are such a beautiful Creation and it was a blessing that we crossed our paths on facebook almost 5 years ago :)

 3 years ago 

Thanks man!!! Really Appreciate your nice comments towards me..



Hi @davidad,thank you for such beautiful post. It is true you were with @xpilar from very beginning I remember seeing your in his team before I joined it. I actually really was asking where you are coming from at the beginning but of course slowly but surely I learnt it.

You are absolutely right there are many people on Steemit who were encouraged by @xpilar and they are still there in his team, amazing almost 4 years.!

Thank you for your active work you do for our community and glad you joined the contest!

 3 years ago 

Yes you can said you that again! Majority of people can testify that Snr. @xpilar is really a good leader and philanthropy for helping others...

I was with him from beginning! And here I am still!! Will soon join admis Club for xpilar community hehe..



Thank you @davidad for your review of WOX, appreciate it

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 3 years ago 

Thank you for the continue support...



Oh! You have describe it well.

 3 years ago 


 3 years ago 

Greetings friend @davidad.

The truth is that the friend @xpilar has opened the doors to many users, I remember always being aware of his images to create a story, and when he participated, he always had a comment to give. He is a true leader and an example to follow if you want to be successful on the platform.

Thank you for providing your support to our community.


 3 years ago (edited)

Thanks for stopping by!!

If I support WOX I support myself, togetherness successful in the WOX.

I will soon become/named a country Rep for WOX in Africa/Nigeria 😊

Regards to you for the nice comments.


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