Garri Process Making: Helping this mama with Garri Process

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Dear Steemians,

Always try to do something new and this is a good story I met with the mama who is on the process of making Garri through cassava to sell and put food on the table for her children. I welcome you all to my blog and world of xpilar community where nature photography art and drawing with originality are rewards for the good work/efforts. We went to buy Garri from her ofcourse many of us may be thinking what am doing there at first place, actually we went to buy Garri with other colleagues and I observed the mama is busy attending to us and at the same time use other hands to mixed what is on the fire, I told her to lend hands and she was surprised I know how to do it, I was like mama I learnt all these from childhood from a neighbor who also doing same business of garri.




Thanks for stopping by on my blog, whatever your hands find doing, do it diligently and with all your heart and strength! See you tomorrow.



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Thank you@stef1 for nominating my blog.

Appreciate you and booming accounts for the job well-done.

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