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Hi everybody!

I keep experimenting with my art materials.
Have you ever heard of watercolor pencils?
For sure, yes.
How about a watercolor graphite pencil?
Yes, there is such a pencil in nature!

This painting was created using such a pencil and some charcoal tone pencils as a supporting material.


The reference





I draw the middle tone with a watercolor graphite pencil.
I'm not detailing yet, I'm just sketching out some dark areas on the door and on the stairs


When the entire area of ​​the picture is painted over, I start washing with water.
I blur the lightest areas without texture very carefully.
So that the dark tones do not mix with the light ones, I blur each area separately with a clean brush.


While the paper is still wet, I detail specific areas to enhance the tone.
Before the paper is dry, I detail certain areas to enhance the tone - correct the texture of the brick wall, deepen the shadows on the right wall where the large stones lie, thicken the vegetation at the roots


I do the second stage of washing on the darkest areas.
especially on the falling shadows and the shady sides of the stones in the wall


Well, the very last step, when the picture is almost ready, I again emphasize the darkest areas - these are the door boards and cracks in the wall
And I tinted the door and walls a little more, where moss grows with charcoal pencils.
The tint is not very visible, but it is there)))

It turned out soft graphics, which I wanted to see


Many thanks for your attention!

With Love...

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