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Hi everybody!

Today I decided to try to make a drawing in mixed media. I like testing different art materials and seeing how they fit together.
Once I tried to draw with markers and pens. Now I 'll be experimenting with watercolors and gel pens.


I took this photo as the basis of my work

I changed the picture a little, added clay pots on the steps - I know that in the Mediterranean countries the main entrances to the house are decorated like this


Yes, I used for my work watercolor set, synthetic brush and three Sakura's gel pens.


I start by making a sheet of paper wet. I have Fabriano brand paper, special for mix media artwork.
Then I mix some warm colors - cadmium orange, cadmium red, red ocher - to sketch the brick wall.
So that the red shades do not look too saturated, I add a lot of grassy green to them - the color becomes natural and pleasing to look.
In those areas where the plaster, I paint with a mix of yellow ocher and ultramarine - this combination gives natural shades of gray.
And I paint individual large stones with ocher and natural sienna


Next, I mix ultramarine and grass green to paint the door.
I paint a stained glass insert above it with a mixture of ultramarine and burnt sienna - this combination gives a very dark color.
With the same mixture I paint drop shadows from a pots
And for a pots on the stairs I use a mix of red ocher and natural sienna with a touch of ultramarine added to keep the color inconsistent.


When the paper is dry, I mix greens and yellows to paint moss on rocks and greens on the stairs.
Somewhere I add ultramarine again, somewhere red ocher


Now is the time to use Sakura pens
I take a pen with a 0.35 mm rod and draw the main lines - brickwork, gaps between stones, cracks on the stairs


So, use a pen with a 0.25 mm rod I draw a structure of the plastered wall, irregularities, scratches on stones, the wooden planks of the door and shadows on pots


And finally, with the thickest rod I draw deep cracks and shadows on the stones, especially in the lower part of the picture, under the stairs, I darken the glass on the stained glass insert, I also enhance the shadows between the door leaves and below

I'm trying to make it look like the left side of the door is half open.
I don't know if anyone lives there or if this house is abandoned... let everyone make up their own store)))

This is the picture I got!


Many thanks for your attention and upvotes!

With Love...


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Thanks a lot for support!

 2 years ago 

It's nice for the eye and there is where to wander attention))
Very good work, you can learn to draw from it.
Have you thought about organizing a drawing workshop in our community?

@bambuka, thanks a lot!
I don't know... I'm an amateur, not a professional artist.
And I don't know what people would be interested in drawing

 2 years ago 

You can try to show and teach different drawing techniques. And what they then draw, this is a matter of their taste. It is to get the skill of drawing. I think it would be of interest to many.

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