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I planned a series of these articles for the art community on Golos, but there the topic turned out to be unclaimed
I hope this will be interesting

Artists who paint Moscow

Wandering one day on the art pages of the Internet, I came across a fantastic cityscape.
The recognizable silhouettes of buildings were so bizarre, but at the same time incredibly harmoniously distorted, the fluidity of lines and the blurring of plans evoked thoughts of surrealism, about parallel reality.

I wanted to know the name of the author of this unusual pictorial style
And found out.
Alexander Starodubov

The artist was born in 1959 in the family of a military diplomat
A successful military career was waiting for him, but he chose to choose the difficult path of the painter.
And not in vain!
He became a famous artist, with a unique, unique style of writing, received worldwide recognition, many awards, among others at the international competition Russian ArtWeek in 2011 and 2012. and on ArtPreview (Russian Academy of Arts).

Take a look at these pictures: here is fiction next to reality, a dream with reality, the past with the future, and through the rapidly advancing modernity of skyscrapers, invisible recognizable silhouettes of the history of the city and the country that have sunk into oblivion appear...

Diversity. A deliberate distortion of architectural forms, giving them fluidity and a completely unrealistic fantastic perspective. An incomprehensible conglomeration of details and objects, skillfully arranged, nevertheless, into a surprisingly harmonious and harmonious composition, although balancing, as they say, "on the verge of a foul."

Half-blurred, like ghosts, the silhouettes of passers-by, wandering along strange streets, no one knows where ... Here it is, the individual handwriting of the master!

The artist managed to see and convey the mysterious soul of Moscow, with its unique streets, winding lanes with outlandish names dating back to the Middle Ages, with its ramparts and gates, discreet "stalinkas" and solid tenement houses, with a web of tram lines and shimmering golden domes here and there, from behind the trees, looking out with the curiosity of a child from every yard.

And with the obligatory presence of a yard dog or a cat on almost every canvas.

The manner of painting by Alexander Starodubov is similar to the old Italian style of "capriccio".
Only peculiar, capriccio by Moscow

The artist also has a lot of works dedicated to another master, in love with Moscow, but already in the genre of literature - Mikhail Bulgakov and his immortal novel "The Master and Margarita"

Tram "Annushka"
Behemoth the cat in the gateway, Woland's shadow and Berlioz at the turnstile...

And this is the meeting of the dog Sharik and Professor Preobrazhensky

The Mikhail Bulgakov Museum in Toronto even ordered a series of works from the artist especially for them.

Now Alexander Viktorovich is alive and well and continues to create his fantastic paintings, which, without any doubt, will delight fans of his talent more than once, not only in Russia, but also in many countries of the world.

This article partially translated from Russian special for WORLD OF XPILAR

The illustrations from the artist's gallery one and two

Alexander Starodubov on FB
In addition to painting, the artist also actively helps funds for homeless animals.


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Interesting artist, but I didn't know him before. Thank you for such a thoughtful and informative post.
These pictures made me think about the processing of urban photographs...))
I hope you continue the series of posts about famous artists :)

@bambuka, thanks!
Photo editing in the style of surrealism?
It would be interesting!

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You need to think about this topic... :)

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