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Hi everyone!

I like to work with pastel crayons and pencils more than other art materials.
I love how different colors mix on paper and create colorful new hues.
In my new drawing, I decided to do it in pastel crayons only and use pencils only for very small details.


This bird, photographed by my LiveJournal friend, became my main character

I was need two pastel set for this work to make rich shades
And this time I chose gray texture paper Canson Mi-Teintes for my work.


I decided to change a sketch so that the bird is fully visible and in another pose


With several shades of blue and yellow, I paint the plumage of a bird.
There are more shadows in the lower part of the body - I determined the direction of the light from the top right
It is important to do this at first step, so as not to confuse the light and shadow sides later.


To draw the bird's eye, the paws, the beak and individual colored feathers on the head, I took pastel pencils
Blending the first pastel layer


Now I paint individual feathers in different shades of blue, depending on the direction of the light.
I clearly highlight the near wing
At the same step, I select the color for the branch on which the bird sits, several shades of brown


And finally, the background.
I want to create a rainforest feel around the bird, with lots of greens and earth colors. And at the same time, I want to highlight the bird with color.
I shade pastel strokes near the bird
And on the background I draw a few thin light branches and also slightly shade


Finally, I slightly blend the colors on the branch where the kingfisher sits and put a few light highlights on a background, like the bokeh in the photo

Yes, that's probably what I wanted to see!


I'll very glad if someone likes my work))

With Love...

 2 years ago (edited)

Этот птиц похож на зимородка, точно он))
Вот могут жеж люди рисовать! Любо :)

@bambuka, спасибо!
Френда из ЖЖ написала, что да, зимородок.
У них в Израиле кого только нет!

 2 years ago 

Зимородка видел живьём в Тверской губернии ))
Летают слишком быстро и садятся редко)) Есть пара снимков из даля, но мелковато будет.

That is beautiful drawing, the blue feathers looks so fluffy feathers :)

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beautiful drawing, I loved how you combined the colors and created this fantastic work of art.

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