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good day to those of @worldofxpilar again with the horror/conceptart around here leaving you in this post the most recent nightmare creature of the dimension of the void that you create and I really liked how it turned out

in this community is the one in which I have published since I started in #steemet to leave these creatures of the dimension that I call the void and here the last one, the most recent

the creature known as the jaws of the void is an extremely dangerous being, fast and mercilessly destroying whatever it gets in its path, it is a being that does not distinguish whether the person it attacks is a living human being or a more corrupted being of the void, it always walks in a pose reminiscent of a crocodile and barely feels the vibrations in the area where it is chasing and seeks to capture with its large mouth and tear apart said prey, one of the most violent creatures of the void but not the most dangerous, since there are others much more powerful in many ways


and here ends today's post, unfortunately I did not take a photo of the first stage of the process that would be the sketch I forgot I guess because I was doing several things but I still hope you like it, soon I will bring you much more

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