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Thank you @dailyke20 we hope that will help, have updated the post :)

It's a limitation of @steemit where the only first five tags are searchable.

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Hi @dailyke20 maybe you can advice I got a message from one of the artists:


Earlier today @m18207319997 clarified with the technical dep-t and they confirmed that it is possible to switch app into English, would you please advice where is it and how to do.

Also I am copying this message to Huslein: @huslein.slash

Thanks, @stef1

Have checked with the coder, apparently there was a mistake on the code. The app is currently direct to Chinese if the phone is not set to English as default language. We have informed the developer to patch this and push an update soonest possible.

Meanwhile, as temporary measure, user can switch phone default language to English. Apologize for the inconvenient caused.

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