Mid-Week Cat Post — And Wondering About Pet Communities on Steemit!

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Greetings Fine Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

Looks like we missed Caturday once again — the humans were very busy with their various projects so there was no time to help the cat make his blog post — but it's never a bad time to post some pictures of cats, is it?


Posting to the "World of Xpilar" community this time, as I have grown tired of posting to any of the pet communities, because they are all essentially dead to the world. Meaning there are no active users any of them... aside from myself, occasionally.

Pet Communities on Steemit?

It continues to surprise me that there seem to be no active pet-related communities here on Steemit! With as many active users as we have, I know there have to be 100's of pet lovers here!


With that in mind, why do we seem to have zero activity in pet communities, and none of the people who set up the communities doing even the slightest thing to keep those communities active?

I do realize that community building and maintenance can be not only very time consuming, but also a lot of work. But almost 30% of the world's population keeps animals in some form... so why the complete absence of pet related content?


Are people just afraid that the won't be rewarded for sharing about their furry and feathered friends? Or is it something else, altogether?

Way back when I first joined Steemit — almost 5 years ago — there were several very active pet communities here, with 100's of active users generating dozens of daily posts!

From that... to nothing at all? Seems a bit strange to me!


Well, maybe there is just not an easy answer! But I plan to continue pursuing this mystery...and hopefully someday soon Steemit will once again have active pet communities!

Until then, thanks for reading my post, and have a lovely day!


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