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Hi guys,
You all know my passion about #SavingResources#bestoutofwaste. I think we all should think about these resources and try to preserve them.
Continuing the same, today I present you #NewspaperFlowers

Well everyone loves Flowers,as they add beauty to our lives. So I thought of making some Decorative ones.

Material Required
✅ Newspaper
✅ Scissors ✂️
✅ Glue gun

Here are some flowers that I made. Please take a look::
(Theses are the Decorative ones.)

(These are holding ones like rose🌹)
(These are the Buds)
Hope you like it

For presentation, I have kept them raw. But you can also Color them,the results will be awesome. You can use spray paints, glitters etc.

As a Matter of fact, some of the Artificial #Flowers that are available in markets are also made with newspaper. Please make a try.

That's all for today.If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for visiting 🙏.



Wonderfully made, keep up the good work and keep sharing @crafter

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thank you for ur love and support

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That looks nice, you have great fantasy creating such beauty :)

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Thank you