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Hello friends
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In year 2020,I made cartoons of some Royal Characters. These Cartoons are used as Back Drops for Story Telling Programs organised for Kids. I was asked to make these Characters for an Online Story Telling Program. These programs are the best way to make our young generations learn about our great Indian History.

These backdrops are of MughalEmpire,(1526-1857). So I thought of sharing with you all.

But first, who don't have any idea about Mughal Empire.I have tried to share some details about them.


Mughal/Mogul or Moghul Empire, was an early modern empire in South Asia. For some two centuries, the empire stretched from the outer fringes of the Indus basin in the west, northern Afghanistan in the northwest, and Kashmir in the north, to the highlands of present-day Assam and Bangladesh in the east, and the uplands of the Deccan plateau in south India.
The Empire at its Greatest extent,c.1700

As asked, I made Backdrops of ::
Emperor Akbar
Hindu Priest

Material used::
✅ Cardboard
✅ Shading Pencils
✅ Acrylic Paint 🎨
✅Glue gun

Height of each Backdrops- 5 ft
(Pictures were too big,so they have been cropped for the blog)

Please take a look::

1)The Mughal Emperor Akbar::
Abu'l-Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar, popularly known as Akbar the Great, was the third Mughal emperor, who reigned from 1556 to 1605. Akbar succeeded his father, Humayun, under a regent, Bairam Khan, who helped the young emperor expand and consolidate Mughal domains in India.
This was the flag of Emperor Akbar's Kingdom.

2)The Poet - Faizi::
Shaikh Abu al-Faiz ibn Mubarak, popularly known by his pen-name, Faizi (20 September 1547 – 15 October 1595[1]) was a poet and scholar of late medieval India whose ancestors Malik-ush-Shu'ara (poet laureate) of Akbar's Court.He was the elder brother of Akbar's historian Abul Fazl. Akbar highly recognised the genius in him and appointed him tutor for his sons and gave place to him among his decorative 'Navaratnas'.

3)The Hindu Priest::
Although Akbar was a Muslim, but he never had issues with the people who followed Hinduism in his ruling time. King's subjects who followed Hinduism, were never stopped to worship their God.

Last but not the least
4)Birbal-The Master Mind::
Birbal or Mahesh Das;was a Hindu advisor and main commander (Mukhya Senapati) of army in the court of the Mughal emperor, Akbar. He is mostly known in the Indian subcontinent for the folk tales which focus on his wit. Birbal was appointed by Akbar as a Minister (Mantri) and used to be a Poet and Singer in around 1556–1562. He had a close association with Emperor Akbar and was one of his most important courtiers, part of a group called the navaratnas (nine jewels). In February 1586, Birbal led an army to crush an unrest in the north-west Indian subcontinent where he was killed along with many troops in an ambush by the rebel tribe. He was the only Hindu to adopt Din-i Ilahi, the religion founded by Akbar. Birbal was one of the first officers to join Akbar's court, possibly as early as 1556, when he was twenty-eight years old. He also had a naturally generous nature and all these traits combined—elegant repartee, largesse, and poetical talent—made Birbal the ideal Mughal courtier.
(Historical source-wikipedia)

Well that's for all. Hope you like it.

If you have any questions please feel free to share with me.

Thanks for visiting my blog🙏.



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The characters turned out to be interesting. I think the kids will love it :)

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Thank you sir I think it's the best way for children to learn.

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