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RE: Nigeria League: Rivers United to face Young Africans in Dar es Salam behind closed doors

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Sports info can be the same, but not plagerised. This is from my foundings and written through my own words.
As I'm one of the NPFL football analysist and commentator

 4 months ago (edited)

Sports info can be the same, but not plagerised

That's not true. If 2 articles are written by 2 different people about the same subject, the odds of them being identical are so infinitesimally small, that it would be considered impossible. Your article is word-for-word the same as River United FC's post.

I can only conclude that you have copied the article from their Facebook page as if you had written both, you would have already said so.

If your style of writing had remained the same as your previous articles, it would be more believable but it's not even close to your previous articles in this community so please accept this as your 1st plagiarism warning.

 4 months ago (edited)

I can't accept a mistake I never made. I don't even know Rivers United Facebook page because we sports jounalists does not believe in Facebook broadcast or get news from it, rather we analysed stories and justify it before writing on broadcast and platform

I still stand on my word that, this is my post.

Or this


Any photo you sees here are taken originally, gotten by us on live matches and pre match conference. And if you are not A Nigeria licence sports journalists, You can't be on this various platform showed you above. We argue and analyse here before writing to our various on air platforms

I don't joke with my job because I know the law guarding it, with 9years sports Journalism experience even before I came into steemit.

Check your point of argument, it sounds guessing. Pls show me proves from Rivers United post as where I copied please

Please @the-gorilla hence there is no any prove as claim by you concerning Rivers Utd FB page posting the same word to word post looking like mine as a prove it means you are wrong and too fast to judge.

If there isn't any clear prove from you.
Please I humbly ask you to re-write the plagiarism warning you gave me. For it not to kill my image.
Thanks for your understanding

Please with due respect

 4 months ago 

Here is my proof -


From the URL I've already shared with you, posted 1 day before you wrote the identical words on Steemit.

Rivers United F. C.
11 September at 21:38 ·
Rivers United to face Young Africans in Dar es Salam behind closed doors
Rivers United football club will kick-start their Total CAF Champions League 2021/2022 campaign with a tricky first preliminary round, 1st leg clash at the 60,000 capacity Mkapa Stadium in Dar es Salam on Sunday, September 12, 2021.
Contrary to reports that Yanga are set to receive fans during the tie, the fixture which is billed for 5pm local time (3pm Nigerian time) has been proposed to be played behind closed doors. This decision was taken during the pre-match meeting involving both sides and the matchday officials.
With the current rise in the number of Covid 19 infections, Confederation of African Football (CAF) has mandated clubs to show Covid 19 negative results valid within 48hrs before a game. To this end, Rivers United players and officials have undergone two separate Covid 19 test within the last three days, receiving a clean bill of health in both occasions.
Rivers United having bolstered their squad with some brilliant additions across the Nigeria Professional Football League will have the test of Young Africans to savour this Sunday if they are to repeat the 2016/2017 feat, where the Pride of Rivers got to the group stage of the CAF Champions League.

How do you explain that?

@endplagiarism04 - Already been warned twice and previously been banned from other communities.

I suggest you don't waste your time arguing and just ban him.

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