My Essence Orb Opening. Got Five Promo Cards. Cards Stats.

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Hello Everyone

How are you? Hopefully, you all are fine and I am also well. Today I am here to share with you the cards I received from my last Essence Orb.


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Here is the pack opening video.

Let me describe the cards I found from the Essence Orb.

I got :

  • 1x Dwarven Wizard
  • 2x Armorsmith
  • 1x Goblin Chef
  • 1x Molten Ogre

Dwarven Wizard

A small sect of traveling Dwarves who call themselves the Dwarven Wizards have devised some impressive Magic Tech, after spending some time with the Gobson Engineers. Their magic attacks are slightly weaker than those of organic magic, and they must wear special gauntlets. Still, this achievement of Dwarfkind has caught the attention of the High Council of Archmages. There is an ancient prophecy which states that “When magic issues from the hands of Dwarves, the return of Helio is nigh,” and it seems that time has come.


Dwarven Wizard is an Epic Neutral Monster and a magic card. It costs only 3 mana. Personally, I love to use this card when I play with Alric Stormbringer or Delwyn Dragonscale because these summoners increase magic damage. This Dwarven Wizard has Snipe ability from level one and has Stun ability from level four. I love this card because it is a magic snipe card and costs low mana.


Raised hauling stones in the Quarries of Korlax, the Armorsmiths of Khymeria are considerably tougher than they appear. Even the burly Boatmen who work the shipyards can barely lift the hammer of a Khymian Armorsmith. Much to the dismay of the Order of the Silver Shield, their hammers are used more for repair than destruction. When summoned to battle, the Armorsmiths do plenty of damage, even without formal fighting skills.



Armorsmith is a Common Life Monster and also a melee card. It only costs 2 mana. I literally love this card. I often use this card when I play with Life Splinter. It has Repair ability from level one. In maxed level, it has 3 melee damage, 4 speed, 4 health and Repair ability

Goblin Chef

Goblin cuisine may look like rubbish, but it smells divine. Through generations of culinary focus entirely on odors, they have truly perfected the appetizing aroma. Unfortunately, their food can only be digested properly by Goblins, and Goblin Chefs find it amusing to feed their creations to creatures of all types.



Goblin Chef is a Common Promo Earth Monster and also a ranged card. It costs 3 mana only. It has Affliction ability from level four and Poison ability from level eight. Though its abilities are good enough, it has a little damage. But as a 3 mana cost card, this card is good enough.

Molten Ogre

In the largest and deepest of the Flaming Caverns beneath Molten Mountain, there lives a race of Ogres that has been forged in fire. The Molten Ogres are called upon by the Torch for the grandest Ferexia military conquests. Unlike their smaller cousins, the Pit Ogres, who must be chained and dragged into service, Molten Ogres are willing and eager to march off to a bloody battle. Their incredible confidence, combined with their unparalleled strength cause many who face the Molten Ogres to run away in fear.



Molten Ogre is a Common Fire Monster and a melee card. It costs 9 mana. It has Demoralize ability in level one and Trample ability in level six. It has huge melee damage but a very slow card with a high mana cost. I used this card a lot when I played in lower leagues but now I rarely use it.

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