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Focus stacked image created from 49 separate shots at F8, 1/2sec, ISO200.
2021-05-08-16.55.25 ZS retouched_1_1_1 1.jpg
Click on any of the images to view at higher resolution

It rained all day yesterday but I found this dead moth in my conservatory which provided a good subject for some macro images.

  • Images taken with the Olympus E-M1 III and 60mm Olympus macro lens + 26mm extension tube and 2x converter
  • Stacked with Zerene Stacker
  • Edited with Capture One and Aurora hdr

Below are more stacked images of the same moth.
2021-05-08-20.55.12 ZS retouched_1_1.jpg

2021-05-08-22.29.06 ZS PMax_1.jpg

This week I also picked up a second hand Olympus 8mm fisheye lens which arrived on Friday. If you don't like the fisheye look it is easily de-fished using Capture One software. It also has a really close focusing distance which enables wide angle macro shots.

I plan to experiment with focus stacking using this lens and expect to get some good results.

Below are some test single shots I have taken with the 8mm lens.
This one shot a f4

This one was shot a f14



If you like my macro images and would like to try focus stacking yourself then please take a look at my tutorial, see links below

Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 Preparing Insects
Part 3 Preparing Flowers
Part 4 Equipment
Part 5 Shooting the stack
Part 6 Processing the stack
Part 7 Editing the stack
Part 8 Final Summary

Thanks for taking a look at my photography


I find macros really help us connect with our tiny insect world

 3 years ago 

Fokus pada objek yang akurat dan jelas sangat luar biasa

Terima kasih.
Dengan penumpukan fokus, saya bisa memfokuskan semuanya

It's really, really extraordinary.
All very clear.
You display images that make a lot of people interested when they see your picture.
I am really amazed by your drawing like this.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Very hairy creature :) Looking at the photo moth looks quite fresh, I believe nobody could guess that it is dead. I have not heard about fisheye lens, have to ask my hubby. Would be great to see some of your new works with new lens :)

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Thank you.

Yes, I think the moth was freshly dead and was still in good condition, although its eyes were showing signs of deterioration.

A fisheye lens is an ultra wide lens that produces a circular image with lots of visual distortion especially around the edges. It gives a look that never really appealed to me until I recently discovered that my editing software can correct the distortion very effectively.

I'm excited to properly try it out and hope I can get some good wide angle macros. If I do I'll certainly be posting them.

 3 years ago 

Amazing images macro @brianhphotos, the best quality!
Respect... 🙏

Thank you.

saya sangat kagum dan terpesona dengan foto foto yang anda posting,

Thank you

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Thank you

Very beautiful photos. I love how you approach each element, it looks very cool and beautiful. Congratulations on such a great job, greetings.

Thank you

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