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Focus stacked image created from 49 separate shots at F8, 1/8sec, ISO200.
2021-04-17-15.57.13 ZS retouched_1_1_1 1.jpg
Click on any of the images to view at higher resolution

  • Images taken with the Olympus E-M1 III and 60mm macro lens + 26mm extension tube and 2x converter
  • Stacked with Zerene Stacker
  • Edited with Capture One and Aurora hdr

After shooting this image I notice two greenfly who had both stayed very still while I shot the stack.

Below is a crop showing the greenfly
2021-04-17-15.57.13 ZS retouched_1_1_1_1 1.jpg

And some more focus stacked images I created of these forget-me-nots.
2021-04-16-20.52.54 ZS retouched_1_1.jpg

2021-04-16-21.24.12 ZS retouched_1_1.jpg

2021-04-16-22.29.17 ZS retouched_1_1.jpg

2021-04-16-22.02.04 ZS retouched_1_1.jpg

The next two images below were shot with the 25mm f0.95 Mitakon lens which I've only just realized that I can use with the extension tubes and converter to produce some decent macros. Its a little soft but I like the look. I'll experiment with it again in the future.
2021-04-16-18.57.52 ZS retouched_1_1.jpg

2021-04-16-23.42.07 ZS retouched_1_1_1.jpg

Finally this was my camera setup, here with the Mitakon attached to the EM1 III.

If you like my macro images and would like to try focus stacking yourself then please take a look at my tutorial, see links below

Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 Preparing Insects
Part 3 Preparing Flowers
Part 4 Equipment
Part 5 Shooting the stack
Part 6 Processing the stack
Part 7 Editing the stack
Part 8 Final Summary

Thanks for taking a look at my photography


The image you display is absolutely perfect.

 3 years ago 

Incredible shots. A good macro lens is something I dont have yet in my camera bag. I have macro ring adapters but its not the same as a proper macro lens. Once I get one Ill have to pick your brains about this stacking technique.


Focus stacking can be great fun if you have the time. Let me know if you get a macro lens and I'll try and answer any questions you may have.

I can't have words to describe the beauty of your work

Thank you. I'm pleased you like it.

I have a query could you help me? I saw you uploaded photos are in high resolution but when I upload an image the image lost its original resoultion

Hi, I'm not sure but it could be this.

When I upload my image into the create post edit window I get something like this below:-


I change it to this:-


So I put [ at the start and ] at the end. Then copy the bit in brackets including the ( and the ) and put it at the very end after the ]

Hope this makes sense and you can get it to work.

Thank you so much sir it's working

Great news.

taking a very perfect photo, even though the flowers are ordinary but look very beautiful

Thank you. That's why I love macro, it reveals the beauty that you would not normally see.

Amazing :) Cheers :)


 3 years ago 

Kualitas yang bagus

Thank you.

Hi Brian! Nice to see again one of your amazing nature pictures! I really like all the floral photography. Thank you for sharing your fantastic work! 💜🌺

Thank you very much.

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