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Focus stacked image created from 166 separate shots at F4, 1/20 sec, ISO200.
2021-04-11-18.35.10 ZS retouched_1_1_1.jpg
Click on any of the images to view at higher resolution

  • Images taken with the Olympus E-M1 III and 60mm macro lens + extension tubes
  • Stacked with Zerene Stacker
  • Edited with Capture One and Aurora hdr

The fly was quite a way back from the tip of the bud which is why I had to take so many shots (166) but even so I'm quite pleased with the result. I hope you like it too.

Below are separate shots from the start, middle and end of the stack.



And another stacked image of the same flower buds and fly.
2021-04-11-19.46.34 ZS retouched_1_1.jpg

If you like my macro images and would like to try focus stacking yourself then please take a look at my tutorial, see links below

Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 Preparing Insects
Part 3 Preparing Flowers
Part 4 Equipment
Part 5 Shooting the stack
Part 6 Processing the stack
Part 7 Editing the stack
Part 8 Final Summary

Thanks for taking a look at my photography


Absolutamente hermoso!

Thank you.

I've noticed some really pretty blue out there. Just want to say thank you. I have a learned a lot from your photography:)

Very nice of you to say. Thank You.

very nice picture, flower color looks very beautiful, have a nice day @brianhphotos

Thank you. Have a nice day too.

your welcome, i am very interested to see your post.

wow, a very cool and amazing work of photography, I am very interested in seeing your work @brianhphotos.

Thank you.

I like the steps of your process, especially on the first photo I even have not noticed a fly at all, it was looking like a normal background colour just slightly dark. While developing focus stacking then it is noticeable the fly and flower. Really Love the quality of your Photography!

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Thanks, yes I had to take a lot of shots to get all that I wanted in focus.

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Thank you

I love your click you are my inspiration sir

Wow, amazing photography! Love the purple color. Your work Is so excelent and fantastic. Thanks for sharing with Steemit community!

Greetings from Venezuela. 😉🌠

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