The uniqueness of Sark Prison

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Sark Prison, England is listed as the smallest prison in the world that is still operating. This prison is located in Sark, Guernsey, a tiny island that is part of the Channel Islands.


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The Sark Prison was built in 1856 and is still functioning well. The cell is very small and only has one bed.

This prison can only be inhabited by one person for a maximum of two days. If a longer period of detention is required, prisoners must be transferred to prisons on the main island.

Frequently Populated by Criminals

Sark is a very small island with an area of ​​around 3 square kilometers. There are only about 500 inhabitants. There are only two policemen on duty on this island. Even so, this simple prison apparently often inhabited by criminals. According to Mike Fawson, one of the officers as reported by MailOnline, he and his colleagues often deal with drunk drivers, drug dealers, or perpetrators of violence.


I didn't know about this little prison. Thanks for sharing this thing

Thank for reading.

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