Benefits of Betel Leaves that are Unknown to Many People

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When talking about betel leaves, you might imagine the leaves being chewed by old people. In fact, the heart-shaped leaves can also be enjoyed by all ages. The benefits of betel leaf might even surprise you.


Betel leaf ( Piperaceae ) has long been used as chewing wrappers in betel activity , which contains betel nut, betel, tobacco, and other aromatic substances. When used in betel, the leaves of these vines can refresh your breath and cool your mouth.

Betel leaf is believed to have many health benefits, but consuming too much betel leaf is also staying digadang can cause oral cancer . In fact, there is no evidence that parents who are fond of leaving will suffer this deadly disease.

Benefits of betel leaf

Betel leaf is not only consumed by chewing, but also can be boiled and taken properties. The benefits of betel leaf stew is also not inferior.

Betel leaf contains a number of active ingredients whose concentration depends on the type of plant, season, and weather at that time. But clearly, betel leaf is best known for its aroma coming from the content of afenol (chavicol), which can also function as an antiseptic substance.

In full, the following are the contents and benefits of betel leaf and betel leaf cooking water:

  • Overcoming diarrhea

Many microbes can be resisted by the content of sterols in betel leaves. The microbe is E. coli which often causes diarrhea . Other bacteria that can be eradicated by drinking betel leaf boiled water, namely Streptococcus pyrogen, Staphylococcus aureus, Proteus vulgaris, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

  • Make the heart healthy

Leaf-like shape of the heart as if reflecting the benefits of betel leaf itself as a plant that can nourish the heart.
A study says the betel leaf can indeed strengthen these vital organs while preventing high blood pressure and irregular heart rhythm.

  • Treat stomach ulcers

Betel leaves doused with hot water has been shown to have mucus that is useful for coating the stomach. This presents the benefits of betel leaf stew as a protective wall of the stomach so that it is not easily hurt when you experience an increase in stomach acid or other things.

  • Prevent dental caries

The notion that said betel can protect teeth apparently scientifically proven. The benefits of betel leaf is related to its function as a bacterial growth inhibitor that causes plaque deposits that eventually become dental caries , such as Streptococci, Lactobacilli, Staphylococci, Corynebacteria, Porphyromonas gingivalis , and Treponema denticola.

  • Healthy reproductive organs

Betel leaf extract obtained through cooking water can also be taken to increase fertility levels in women. The benefits of this betel leaf decoction is lowering estrogen levels which might affect the level of fertility in your uterus.
Besides being drunk, betel leaf boiled water can also be used as a vaginal wash. Because the betel leaf boiled water is also proven to reduce vaginal discharge , especially in women who are still in their productive age to have offspring.

In addition to the five benefits of betel leaf above, there are still other benefits that you can enjoy, such as preventing diabetes, inflammation, and even some types of cancer.
Betel leaf has also been processed as medicine and additives in various beauty products so you can easily feel the benefits.

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