The red gem

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If there is something that fascinates me it is mixing paints and things and making spots and painting on top and making other spots and drawing on top, ... Here is a little bit of everything and you can see!
I love to see the brushstrokes and stains in the paintings, the textures and the overlays, the transparencies, the glitters ... They are small worlds within the works.


Mixed media on wood cardboard
19.5 x 28 cm






A little of the process. I almost never know what I'm going to do so I'm drawing loose, fast and simple and little by little and while I do it, the image appears.


Bárbara Bezina ✋

canva / twitter / nftshowroom / makersplace

 last month 

Thats a big red spot.... Well, looks unusual ant interesting. Great art (as usual) :D

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