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My last gif already finished. I'm painting a lot so I'm not spending to much time producing gifs... but when I sit in my chair in front of the computer Photoshop calls me and I have to go inside. This gif was born from the last call!

Inmensidad c.gif

This work in gif version is available at Makersplace

As in my previous post I want to offer the digital artwork so that it can be purchased directly here at Hive. I think it's an interesting initiative and I would like to do this with some of my unsold works.
So,this digital art version can be purchased here!

Inmensidad es.jpg
Digital art / Photomanipulation
Jpg file - 27.4MB - 7150x5764 pixels
Edition of 10 copies

How can I acquire one of these works (or both):
You send 30 hive dollars or steem dollars or its equivalent in Hive to my Hive or Steem wallet (@barbarabezina) and in memo you tell me which one you want and the email address where you want it to be sent.
What do I receive? You receive a copy of the original work + authorship certificate.
Something like that:

Other works available Here

Bárbara Bezina ✋

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