My friend Tamron

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I may not have said this, but I recently bought myself a new Tamron 70-180 lens.
For a few days now we have been trying to make friends.
At first my new friend didn't want to work in my SONY A7M2 camera.
It was somehow agitating the camera's stabilisation system.
The image at 70mm focal length was shaking with fear.

I had to update the lens firmware (set its brains).
After this operation (installing the 2nd version of the software) everything normalised.
But even after that I did not immediately understand the peculiarities of shooting with this lens.
Yes, it has its own character and you need to get used to it.
I am on my way to it.



Of course, it is primarily a good lens for portraits and close-ups.
In manual focus mode it becomes an interesting macro lens.



I am now in the research phase of its capabilities and features.
I can say that in the beginning I regretted the purchase and wanted to bring it back.
Now I am falling more and more in love with my new partner :)




All photos are clickable, I recommend turning on night mode for viewing

Все фотографии кликабельны, для просмотра рекомендую включить ночной режим.

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