Flowers by the house

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It's time to summarise the results of the MACRO riddle contest, but I'm still waiting for one of the participants with the snake to answer. In any case, the results will be announced tomorrow.

In the meantime, I suggest we take a walk around my house. It's finally a bit warmer and the flowers are rushing to make up for lost opportunities :)
I took a walk with my new friend Mr Tamron (70-180). I am still getting used to the new lens and exploring its features and capabilities. So far on the colours.

All photos without post processing. As is.









All photos are clickable, I recommend turning on night mode for viewing

Все фотографии кликабельны, для просмотра рекомендую включить ночной режим.

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 25 days ago 

Какие красивые цветочки 🥰
А на нижнем фото что?

 25 days ago 

это какой-то незнакомый куст. Не помню, чтобы раньше его видел.

 24 days ago 


hello @bambuka
sorry, I just saw it
flower macro, you shoot it casually hehehe
smooth, soft and calm background
nice to see him :)

 24 days ago 

When I'm out on the street with my camera, I'm not set on a particular subject. I shoot whatever catches my eye.
Sometimes it's flowers, birds or insects.
And then I can go into MACRO mode ))

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