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in WORLD OF XPILAR8 months ago

My place is now at 16.00 WIB and I wish you good afternoon to all of you who are present on this steemit platform that we love. Over time and for a long time we have never met, now I come back again to express a little of the work of my beloved son. The first thing he drew was a father figure with short, tall hair and besides the father's picture.

He was the smallest himself and beside him were his brothers with long hair. The last one on the right is a picture of the mother who always shelters the family in any case. Family is the most beautiful thing in my life without family maybe I wouldn't be happy like this now.

As for what I want to convey to all of my friends, take care and respect your family because wherever you go and wherever you go, eventually one day you will return to the shelter of that family. Thank you


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