Golden Hour - California Sunsets

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“Smell The Sea, And Feel The Sky,
Let Your Soul And Spirit Fly."
~ Van Morrison ~

Taken March 28th
looking out towards Malibu from
Santa Monica, California


Ricoh GR III

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This is Not your typical Armentor Seagull photo ;) Great shot of the whirlybird!!

Yes you are right on. The Coast Guard flying over is usually in the mornings. Got lucky this time.

Evening sky, like the clouds so low at horizon with the reflection of son on them :)

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Thank you for your community support!

I just want the sun not to go further down during sunsets @armentor because of the spectacular view of it every time.

Thank you my friend!

amazing shot

Thank you :)

“Smell The Sea, And Feel The Sky,
Let Your Soul And Spirit Fly."
~ Van Morrison ~

"Flying with hope, and
drowning in dreams" @sayaalan

Great quote!

Very beautiful sea view pictures, usually when we see a beautiful view, the burden that is on our minds will soon disappear, good luck always @armentor

Well said. Thank you!

Very good view of the Sunrise, my friend .. Always success for you @armentor

Thank you!

Just in time and at the right place to get the chopper in the scene. Very beautiful

Thanks man! They usually fly over at sunset, but his time it was so clear.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Sincerity in Doing Everything 👍👍

Thank you :)

The post in the middle looks aesthetically pleasing in this photo. It compliments the scenery, the sunset and the sea. 🖤

Thank you :)

Beuatiful pict and peace

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