Late Night - Venice Beach

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Venice Beach, California is known for its many murals throughout the city. Here is one from Ocean Park Blvd. early Sunday Morning, May 24th. Ocean Park


Whale of a Mural by Daniel Alonzo


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Great shots man! Is that sun on the corner of where ZJ's is? the old Eleanor's Soul Kitchen, like in the Door's song?

Thanks Man! Yes that is the north wall of ZJ's which is actually closed for renovations. And as John D. told me, they wrote Soul Kitchen there back in the late 60's at Olivia's Soul Kitchen cafe. Linda Rhonstad also went there.

So amazing down there in Dog Town! You should post that pic of Densmore!

That makes the roads more colourful and for kids something to be distracted. Beautiful night photos :)

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Always amazed on how the evening brings out beauty. Thank you and for the support!

Awesome shots. Especially the first one with the whale mural topic and te red stop lights.

Yes it was really late, around 3am and sense a few drinks that night helped set up for a great shot.

What a beautiful illumination that fills the mind to see. However, they are more beautiful through your pictures. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Thank you for your kinds words!