Beach Fun?

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Things are definately getting back to normal
here in Southern California!

During my Sunday morning bike
ride up towards Pacific Palisades
I ran into this group training... same one I saw a few years
back which was posted here Beach Karate

Beach Karate May23.jpg

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Its like an old James Bond Movie!!! This is awesome... i remember when you posted them out there a few years back. Isn't that north of the Baywatch?

You are so right, like mid-70's Bond maybe Live and Let Die! Yes it seems to be the same group but they have expanded.

So Southern Cali!!! Surprised they are not shooting a movie as well :)

Nice to see the life going back to normal. For karate students it might be great to train outside and at the beach on warm sand :)

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Yes thank god! They looked like they were really enjoying themselves and likely jumped in the ocean after their workout.

Thanks for the nomination!

Que hermosa fotografìa, con un cielo azul imponente como todas las maravillas de la naturaleza.

Thank you! Yes nature is amazing :)

Is it the martial art of karate?

Yes it is Karate.

Good luck 😁

Nice post dude,followed and voted
Maybe you can take a look on my profile too :*

Thanks man!