California Sunsets

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"Never go too long without watching a sunset."
~ Atticus ~

Taken March 4th looking out towards Malibu
Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California



Ricoh GR III

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Man, these is so unique, not your typical Santa Monica sunset! It was chilly down there right?

It was atypical with those brown tones, which suggested a warm evening, but actually relative cold.

I know it be chilling out there, we had frost up here near the mountains and snow at 2000 ft!

So true, little one. We had a cloud burst last night and got some hail... in Santa Monica!

It was insane! We got multiple lightning strikes and hail in the mountains. No fires thank god.

Love it!

Thanks man!

 5 months ago 

This time you had been lucky to have such beautiful clouds, like the moment of catching the sun between clouds on horizon :)

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It was definately atypical.... those clouds with the cool air... I love this time of year.
Thank you :)

Beautiful. A clear resteem.

Much appreciated :)

Nice with dramatic clouds!

Thank you :)

nice photographer sunsets @armentor,

Much Appreciated!

I do like this photo as well @armentor
It can help us contemplate when we need to think. :)

Thank you my friend!

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