California Sunsets

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"Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens,
every day can end beautifully."
~ Kristen Butler ~

An Xcellent Golden Hour last
Thursday April 15th
Ocean Park, California


Ricoh GR III

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X marks the spot! Is that the Tower 25 power line near your place? Awesome perspective :)

Haha... X Marks the spot. You are almost funny ;) Yes that is Lifeguard Tower #25, great eye!

I know my towers and volleyball courts, but that dude strolling down by the ocean is so apocalyptic.

Awesome shot. Resteemed :-)

Thanks man! Appreciate the resteem.

Hi, armentor. That's right, every day ends beautifully, regardless of where you are. A beautiful sunset. Congratulations
#onepercent #venezuela #affable

Thank you my friend!

wow, seeing the beauty of the sunset is so satisfying, with the color and the scenery, you can breathe in the fresh aroma ..

Thank you my buddy @armentor for sharing

Thank you :)

Really beautiful. Did an aeroplane pass by or it was a meteorite?

Thank you!

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