Golden Hour - California Sunsets

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"Life is like riding a bicycle.
In order to keep your balance,
you must keep moving."
~ Albert Einstein ~

Getting back to normal here in Southern California.
Taken May 18th from Santa Monica, California

GHSept29GirlBike (2).jpg

Ricoh GR III

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This capture is surreal and the lighting! Well done brotha!

Thanks mang. I was surprised when it came out that clean. I just should of got digits!

Of course you should have!!! Such a southern cali picture!

Agree, love riding bicycle, hte feeling of wind, speed and freedom. Glad that it is coming to normal in California.

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You summed it up perfectly!

Thank you :)

Wow great photo! Like really professional. And the quote from Einstein. I wonder if the quote inspired the photo or it was the other way around.

I was just poking around steem and found you through @karja's page. He takes some great photos too. Coincidentally I'm posting photos of sunsets and soon sunrises on the Island of Koh Phagnan in Thailand. Where I've been for a while now. I don't think my photographs are on par with yours, but they are good enough for me. :)

Following and put on my auto-vote to give you some extra support, as I don't have much time for curation but I see you put up some incredible photographs and more!

Thanks for sharing!

Keep up the great work

From Thailand!

-Dan "World Travel Pro!"

Thank you @world-travel-pro. For me its the photo, then quote, but maybe I should try to reverse. I'm very fortuatenate to live so close to the beach here in Los Angeles. Always looking for sunset and will check your posts as well. Thanks for the upvote!

That is great that you live so close to the beach, really adds another aspect to day to day life. I see you stopped by my blog on the other platform too and gave me a little added support. Thank you very much for that. I'm holding about 4x the voting power there and just added you to my auto-voter on that side of things as well to help you along your way. I'll certainly try to stop from time to time. Keep enjoying sunny California and the beautiful beaches there.

On the Orange Plataran which teaches the meaning of life

Interesting. Thank you!

Albert Einstein had life figured out at early stage and am very much happy you remembered his quotes , nice post and jeep steeming

So True! Thank you!

Albert Einsten's text is perfect with the image, good that little by little they are returning to normality and I come back and tell you, Incredible photography, I loved to tell the truth, many greetings and great talent my friend!

Thank you my friend!

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