California Sunsets ~ Blue Hour

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“May there be just enough clouds in your life
to create a glorious sunset.”
~ Unknown ~

Taken Monday April 25th,
from Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California



Ricoh GR III

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I see you are adding to the Blue Hour series! Low the second capture.... I would have put that first and would love a print. It seems quite chilly and the waves def not good for surfing.

Blue Hour is the new Golden!!! This time of year especially gives those blue skies under the summer heat warms up the skies. So looking forward to this summer and hopefully covid-free.

I'm so looking to your Bday BBQ next week as well as the beach. It looks like its going to be in the high 70's! Should I bring down the surfboard or will it be likely blown out? Keep me posted.

Its been blown out all week. Sand is like snow. Bike trail is unridable and you actually need a mask to breath! Gong to be warming up in the 80's in time for the bday party :)

Beautiful foamy waves :)

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Definately not a surf or swim day ;) Thank you for the nomination!

it turns out the picture is cool with a combination of bubbly light under the seabed and accompanied by clouds

Beautiful colours

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